Streaming for the next 5 billion, the stories that bond us


As Turkish shows and films continue to be a global phenomenon, Saffron collaborated with Türkiye’s public broadcaster TRT to create a brand for their new global streaming service.

The goal? To develop a brand capable of becoming the digital home of the best in Turkish content, winning the hearts and imaginations of an existing community of tens of millions as well as whole new audiences in new markets.

The result? tabii.

The opportunity

Türkiye is currently the second-largest exporter of TV series behind the United States, with Turkish movies and series expected to earn $1 billion by the end of 2023. With tabii, Saffron sought to bring a brave new perspective to streaming and connect with 800 million fans from the most populated, yet often least represented areas of the planet.

Much like Türkiye itself, tabii’s people-centric brand acts as a bridge across continents, religions and backgrounds – bringing people together with a shared set of universal family-friendly values and a passion for high-quality entertainment.

Of course, every great brand needs a great name

Naming an everyday icon isn’t easy. It’s name had to be a Turkish word that would work across languages (five and counting), bravely embodying the perfect mix of empathy and energy – not to mention being short, snappy and full of personality.

Saffron created naming options with all the right characteristics and, together, Saffron and TRT chose tabii. Tabii is the Turkish word for of course – a positive affirmation spoken by street sellers and global superstars alike. The word brings warmth and familiarity to the brand, typifying all the personality and charm that have made Turkish content a hit around the world.

Diverse stories deserve a dynamic design system

Just like its verbal identity, tabii’s visual identity was born from the idea of putting its audience at the centre of diverse stories and perspectives – inviting them to see an ever-changing world afresh.

Inspired by the kaleidoscope, the design system is built around dynamic shapes that are always shifting to create new ways of viewing content. Utilising motion, Saffron created a responsive logo – never static, bringing to life all the content that tabii has to offer across a multitude of genres and languages.

Saffron developed an audio identity alongside Sonic Minds, an international agency specialising in audio branding. tabii’s sound is inspired by its dynamic identity and personality – connected to Turkish culture but with global ambition. The sonic logo was engineered to perform in harmony with tabii’s energetic motion behaviour.

Speaking to a community of modern heroes

tabii’s verbal identity is a distillation of its personality and focus on being a platform for its global audience – a community of modern, everyday heroes that share the brand’s values.

As the Heroic Guide, tabii speaks to its community with positivity and clarity. But while it may use simple language, it deals in big ideas – and even bigger stories. The brand’s voice, with its tonal flexibility and modulation, always seeks to meet its audience where they live – guiding and inspiring them to explore further, to seek out new perspectives and experience more together.

TRT needed a partner who understood the demands of launching a memorable and global brand. Saffron was a natural fit to help us bring our vision to life. TRT now has an exciting opportunity to bring our quality content to an ever-growing community of viewers around the world, delivering on tabii’s founding promise – “For the next five billion, by the next five billion.

Riyaad Minty

Director of business and growth, TRT

tabii is now available in Türkiye free of charge and globally via subscription on YouTube and Roku. Content is currently offered in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu, with additional languages and international apps launching later this year.

Learn more about the creation of tabii´s sonic brand from Sonic Minds.