Making moments that matter


Bakcell is one of Azerbaijan's leading telco providers, serving over a third of the country’s population.

In a time of rapid change, we positioned their brand as a catalyst for progress, ‘making moments that matter’ for people, businesses and the nation. The new strategy acted as a platform to build an emotion-driven experience, including a holistic redesign of retail, web and product.

A catalyst for connection

The brand idea ‘Making moments that matter’ positions Bakcell as a provider dedicated to helping people and communities come together. The new brand strategy leverages Bakcell’s dedication to embracing their unique role in their audience’s ‘everyday’, connecting Azerbaijanis with ease so that they can spend time on what truly matters to them.

A visual and verbal identity for a new era

To activate Bakcell’s new brand idea, it was translated into a visual and verbal identity with boldness and emotion. We developed a voice for Bakcell that empowers them to relate to and support the community they serve: ‘The people’s champion.’ This voice works with the visual identity to become memorable for different audiences and relevant to customers’ lives.

A new star is born

Bakcell’s new visual identity strikes a balance between simplicity, boldness and modernity. The visual language comes to life with our star system, capturing how Bakcell values life’s unique moments and the connections that come from everyday magic within communities. The system’s individual facets are constantly evolving, shaped by the diverse experiences of their customers.

A star on all stages

The visual identity has a range of expressions, making it versatile across applications to stand out on the biggest of stages or the smallest of components.

We developed a set of principles to inform a cohesive brand experience, making sure that every interaction in the Bakcell ecosystem is infused with the brand and elevated beyond a mere transaction.

The new visual identity, centred on a dynamic star system, reflects how Bakcell puts customers and their needs first. The work empowers Bakcell to create value while fostering meaningful connections between customers, their communities and everything important in today's digital life.

Roberto Verona

Creative Director, Saffron

A unified experience across every touchpoint

Considering Bakcell's extensive network across Azerbaijan, how their customers experience the brand in a retail environment plays a pivotal role.

Bakcell’s experience principles are carried into their physical environment, transforming their stores into immersive spaces and bringing the strategy to life for customers. These spaces showcase the latest products on the Azerbaijani market and foster emotional connections with customers, emphasising Bakcell's commitment to 'Making moments that matter.'

Through our collaboration with Saffron, Bakcell underwent a strategic overhaul, becoming a more emotionally expressive brand ready to engage more memorably with customers. Saffron brought an international perspective, transforming Bakcell's brand into a cohesive, dynamic experience across the retail and digital ecosystem.

Klaus Mueller

CEO, Bakcell