Distinctively Simple


Digital trailblazer Openbank burst onto the scene over two decades ago within the Santander Group as an online banking service.

Since then, a lot has happened. The company has been looking to reconsider its business growth and regional expansion plans by redefining its ethos and identity.

Distinctively simple

Working from our findings, informed by ethnographic research, we built a platform to facilitate a new culture for the bank and its teams.

Our brand idea for Openbank: Distinctively Simple, stems from their service offering and the structured way they offer it to customers. This is the firm belief that Openbank should provide a more relevant and up-to-date experience.

The idea celebrates the essence of banking with sophistication by taking a stance that is both direct and sincere.

Its own symbol

Following the decision to move towards freedom and independence by distancing itself from its parent brand, Openbank saw an opportunity to create its own symbol. This needed to be a powerful icon that would allow them to stand out in a digital world.

Using the brand initials, we designed a key symbolising openness and opportunity. Combined with its contemporary design, the key has a classic touch, which perfectly supports the concept of distinction Openbank wanted to champion.

Digital spirit

As part of the identity system, an array of tools were developed that would allow the brand to express its essence in a coherent manner across all touchpoints. All of this, without losing sight of its digital-first approach.

We worked hand in hand with Openbank’s web and mobile development team to ensure the correct implementation of identity elements across all devices.

Our partnership also extended to creating a sub-identity for the online investment division, Openbank Wealth.

The Openbank brand is currently being implemented across Spanish and Latin American markets and Saffron continues as their branding partner as they embark on new and exciting projects.