A new brand for a leader in facility management


Specialising in the Spanish energy, transport, industry, and healthcare sectors, Serveo is one of the world’s largest and most diversified multinational infrastructure companies. Its work includes maintaining over 4,000 km of roads used by more than 28 million passengers annually, and the operation of eight air traffic control towers. It is present in more than 140 Spanish hospitals and handles more than 15 million emergency calls every year.

Serveo is the result of the reorganisation of Ferrovial Services, Ferrovial Group’s Infrastructure Services division. Portobello Capital, a leading independent private equity firm headquartered in Spain, purchased a majority stake in the company in 2021. After more than three decades, Ferrovial Services was beginning a new chapter in its history. In order to reflect its new reality, Ferrovial Services asked Saffron to create its new brand.

The Challenge

In the new brand, Saffron needed to encapsulate Ferrovial Services’ legacy while expressing the agility and flexibility afforded by its modern reality. Saffron had to reinforce the company’s strategic positioning and enhance its connection with the more than 25,000 professionals on its team.

The Process

Saffron began by conducting comprehensive, immersive research involving interviews with clients and internal stakeholders alike. Our strategists’ key findings were the importance of highlighting the convergent nature of the business’ services and embracing the core values of flexibility, dynamism, and innovation. Overall, this analysis led to a monolithic brand architecture strengthening the synergies between the different arms of the business as well as the new brand territory: “Excellence with no limits.”

This brand territory was reflected in the strategy platform and the new brand name: Serveo. A descriptive proposal that puts the core of the company’s work at the centre of the brand, Serveo is the result of merging the Spanish word servicios (services) and the prefix neo (new) for a new way of providing services that combines legacy and future.

Serveo’s human-centred visual identity communicates empathy and functionality. The wordmark featuring a diagonal cut in the letter e creates a strong, energetic gesture. Serveo’s primary colour orange conveys positivity and a secondary grey palette ensures functionality.

The Outcome

The new brand created by Saffron ushers in a new era by bringing strategic cohesion to express Serveo’s role as an industry leader in efficient and sustainable services. The company continues to build on its broad and stable presence, driving the growth and development of its clients and society.