A journey of regeneration


In 2021, Soudah Development was launched by ‏His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Public Investment Fund. The project's aim is to develop Soudah and parts of Rijal Almaa into a luxury tourist destination, as a key project in Saudi Vision 2030. The project is a key part of the Kingdom's diversification in the tourism and entertainment sectors.

Of the land, mountains and sky

Soudah is located in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. A unique place, home to soaring mountains, fertile valleys and an ever changing sky. This microclimate is equally matched with a unique culture, with unmistakable architecture and graphic motifs.

A journey of rediscovery, regeneration and redevelopment

The core idea of the project was to pay homage to the geography and the vision of the redevelopment in a respectable expression of the native culture and that of what the SB business. For this, the Soudah Development brand was built upon a story of regeneration. To breathe new life into ancient lands, to celebrate cultural heritage, for today and tomorrow. This story flows through the brand, uncovering what makes Soudah truly unique and to celebrate the natural and soon to be built wonders that exist within these forgotten worlds.

To preserve, to grow, to experience

The Soudah Development identity is inspired by the framing of the windows and doorways of Rijal Almaa , and Al-Qatt Al-Asiri pattern which is native to the Soudah region. Together, these are abstracted into a graphic language that informs the design DNA which is the foundation of the visual identity.

This graphic language continues the motif of the landscape of the region through out the toolkit, from how the logo is constructed, to the colour palette (derived from the indigenous landscape and plant life). This deep connection between concept and design DNA enables the identity to manifest in an elegant, yet constructed expression, capturing the beauty of the region, and purpose of Soudah Development.

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