A renewed legacy, making dreams take off


Beyond an airline, TAAG Angola Airlines is a national icon - the pride of the Angolan people and the gateway to Africa. 

Following the Open Skies Air Agreement with the US promising mutual benefits for travellers and airlines, Angola is poised for a surge in international air travel. Furthermore, construction of a new $3.8 billion airport in Luanda positions the country as a regional aviation hub, boosting TAAG's reach to 23 global destinations.

Saffron worked with TAAG to revitalise its iconic brand in the wake of dynamic industry changes. With a fresh vision, the brand accentuates the airline’s potential to be the continent’s leading airline and invites the global community to explore the true spirit of Angola and Africa.

Together, we unveiled the new brand, marking a transformative era coinciding with the airline's 85th anniversary.


Inspired by the airline’s influence, we developed a positioning that expresses TAAG’s legacy as a leading Angolan airline and the gateway to Africa, while capturing the nation’s essence. With the country’s exponential growth and socio-economic transformation, TAAG aims to lead with ambition as Angola becomes the aviation hub of the region.

The brand's purpose, ‘Making dreams take off’, reflects Angola’s energy and character, highlighting the welcoming, caring and friendly attitude rooted throughout TAAG. Additionally, we crafted their new motto, ‘Grateful for every flight’, a powerful statement highlighting the airline’s cultural significance and embodying the special bond between its people and brand.


In our transformative journey with TAAG, we embarked on a mission to revitalise their brand identity, giving the beloved airline a modern yet authentically Angolan touch.

As an integral part of the nation's collective imagery, one of the primary challenges was to make the symbol more contemporary while preserving its core significance. The Sable Antelope is a revered symbol of Angola. It embodies the airline’s strength and mirrors their commitment to delivering an exceptional travel experience.

The redesigned logo captures the spirit of TAAG with sleek, contemporary lines that preserve the Sable Antelope's integrity. It showcases the airline's connection to its roots and recalls a sense of national pride to every passenger's journey.

Igniting the brand’s warmth and spirited identity

The design system ensures a consistent and immersive brand experience, connecting passengers with the airline's core values. In every customer interaction, the renewed TAAG brand serves as a powerful reminder of the airline's dedication to creating a remarkable and truly Angolan travel experience.

In harmonising tradition with modernity, TAAG continues to stand as a symbol of national pride and a testament to the enduring spirit of Angola. A renewed and empowered airline prepared for a very competitive landscape.

Saffron’s strategy-led brand evolution of TAAG will help the Angolan nation seize its opportunity to be the next gateway to Africa. Saffron’s natively global approach has delivered celebrated results with other airlines like Vueling, Volotea, Gulf Air or Hong Kong Express or destinations like Vienna, London or Turkey and will now take this beloved Angolan brand to its next ambitious chapter.

Eduardo Fairén