For the love of movement


astara has big plans for the mobility sector. Saffron partnered with the global mobility company to create a brand that ensures they deliver on their goals, helping them go further. 

Together, we crafted an identity, positioning and delivery system to guide the brand through its transition from local distributor to international provider; shifting its focus from manufacturers and dealers to the end customer; and becoming a key player in shaping the future of the industry. 

An expansive mobility ecosystem

In response to a shifting landscape driven by society's demand for sustainability, digitalization, and efficiency, astara proactively developed a comprehensive distribution and mobility ecosystem. This strategic initiative aims to provide vehicle options, subscription models, and consulting services, all powered by an integrated business intelligence platform that enhances customer support and interaction.


The new brand identity embodies choice, the future and a positive mindset, empowering its audience as they move through the world. It represents an optimistic, focused and courageous personality centred around movement and people. As a digital-first brand, it seamlessly blends life's spontaneity and authenticity with a dependable purpose rooted in the company's history of helping transform the mobility sector.

Sights set high

astara's core principles are encapsulated in their pledge to enable people to go further. Their promise underscores their unwavering commitment to providing the most suitable mobility solutions, precisely when and where they’re needed, both for individuals and businesses. This dedication is fueling their expansion into new markets and the exploration of innovative pathways within the mobility sector. Their diversification spans from car subscription models to fleet connectivity platforms. This transformative journey extends to direct consumer engagement, broadening their well-established B2B model to encompass B2C connections, all inspired by the aspiration to reach for the stars and become a point of reference to help guide the mobility industry into the future.