The future of machine intelligence


  • Bittensor



Bittensor uses blockchain technology to improve machine intelligence. Their decentralised network uniquely aligns and leverages human capital to accelerate machine learning in creative and efficient ways. 

As an aspiring leader in the world of AI and blockchain technology, a collaborative process with Saffron helped generate a brand fit for their ambition. This ambition is to become the foundational layer for all machine intelligence in global technology companies, based on their innovative, open-source and scalable system.

Crafting a future icon

With their own cryptocurrency, it was essential for us to investigate how we could evolve the core brand identifiers for Bittensor and build a scalable logo system. This system enables Bittensor to have an impactful identity across the breadth of environments and spaces needed, while ensuring every moment builds the brand's iconic status.

Bringing the network to life

Bittensor's decentralised network of human capital is a unique concept in the world of AI and core to their differentiation. We wanted to develop a visual metaphor and representation of this network, and make it an ownable brand asset.

The Saffron team generated a set of 3D Renders which became the central asset for the brand expression which differentiated it amongst its competitive set.

A distinct system for a disruptive brand

Defining a digital-first system with adaptability and flexibility at the core, was essential for the Saffron team to deliver. As a brand with a wide range of touchpoints and channels, each with their own unique requirements, we wanted to create a visually immersive system, fit for any experience.

The Bittensor design system leverages our scalable logo system, a range of typographic treatments, 3D Renders, photography and iconography, to give the brand a full range of expression.

Elegant minimalism delivered

The Saffron team and partner Ophion collaborated to refresh the website to reflect the new brand identity.

Our brief was to create a minimalist design, sparking curiousity and intrigue for users; delivered through an elegant experience. Our work focused on optimising existing content, adding new critical functionality like the Wallet and exploring additional pages to give greater clarity on what Bittensor does and the huge potential it has.

Looking ahead

With integration into the Polkadot ecosystem, the further establishment of the Opentensor Foundation and the launch of their DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), the future looks bright for Bittensor. Find out more about the world of machine intelligence here: