A catalyst to transform


In mid-2017 Saffron was approached by Silicon Valley-based start-up Collinear Networks to help them create their Brand DNA and visual expression from scratch. The experienced team, with 150 people on board and a business focus spanning as far as Southeast Asia, was about to launch the first product. This was the perfect time to define a cohesive purpose and a powerful visual and verbal expression.

A unique solution to a global challenge

Collinear has developed unique intelligence to help carriers and enterprises worldwide in their pressing challenge to establish reliable, high-capacity over-the air connections that defy all weather and geographic obstacles. This high-tech solution needed to be embedded in a larger long-term mission and be told through a cohesive story.

An ambitious brand DNA with a quirky team character

Through multiple immersion trips and workshops we uncovered Collinear’s long term vision to optimize connectivity so that people and new technology can achieve their full potential anywhere in the world, regardless of geographical obstacles. The brand purpose was defined around enabling “Fluidity in communications as catalyst for transformation”.

A series of brand principles were identified to distinguish Collinear for being driven, transformative, committed, elastic and experienced. On a daily basis, the team will bring its purpose to life thanks to a down to earth and thorough yet quirky and incessantly inquisitive character.

The equalizer

This strategic foundation called for a completely new visual identity system. The design expression was based around a very simple, yet powerful idea: using the equals symbol derived from the ‘ll’ of the Collinear logotype as the core asset. It embodies the idea that Collinear is an enabler, which is demonstrated through the co-existence between technologies, between their collaborators, and end users and the benefit of their solutions.

The symbol is used as the basis of the entire brand expression. The duality of the symbol has informed how colour and typography is handled through dual colourways and only two weights of a single typeface.

It forms the basis of an illustrative language to communicate Collinear’s product offering in a simple and refined way. The proportions of the ‘=‘ have even informed the construction of the bespoke iconography set and the grid structure of the entire design principle.

Keeping it simple

The result is a refined design language, which makes Collinear differentiated in an increasingly crowded and conventional design landscape. Its simplicity effectively communicates complexity in a bold, smart and cohesive manner.

Natively online

In parallel with the development of the brand expression, we helped Collinear to establish their digital presence. With this being one of their key touchpoints, it was vital that there was a seamless translation of the brand online as well as offline. A rigorous process was undertaken, from digital strategy and information architecture through to design and development to ensure a cohesive expression was maintained.