Stronger than Cancer


Cancer affects almost all of us at some point in our lives. In Spain alone, the total number of patients exceeded 280,000 in 2020.

Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer has been leading the fight against cancer in Spain for almost 70 years.

Saffron have partnered with the organisation on an important challenge, to create a brand identity that reflects their new direction: that of a people-first organisation. We have created a brand that they can leverage to connect with their multiple audiences across existing and new channels and touchpoints. A brand that can support them in becoming a social connector in their important work fighting against cancer.

The foundations of the new brand

Through in-depth market research, we identified a brand that did not generate recall, and with a perception of being a conservative and old association, rigid, cold, distant, linked to the church/religion, with no ability to connect with today’s society.

We defined their mission as the fight against cancer and to generate positive change by standing up for people. Yet the brand system was not ready to uphold the new vision of being people-first. It would require clear, direct and unambiguous messages to help bridge the gap between the reality of the Association and its perception.

Leveraging the legacy

The challenge with a brand with a legacy as impressive as this organisation, is to maintain the brand equity whilst modernising for their new reality. Despite being well known throughout Spain, the length of their name was an issue. The new brand highlights the core of the Association’s activity, without hiding it behind an acronym. Contra el Cáncer reflects the attitude of a dynamic and courageous organisation that fights to defend the rights of patients, and seeks to be a true agent for transforming the reality of this disease.

A unique and flexible path

Every person’s relationship with cancer is different, be they patient, family member, researcher or volunteer. We therefore reflected this in the overall creative concept by basing the identity upon a single line that symbolises a journey. It is an acknowledgement that every journey is absolutely unique for each person. Personal, flexible, full of ups and downs, moments of optimism and frustration, something alive.

Demystifying “cancer”

As the organisation has moved from an institution-first to a community-first approach to fighting cancer over the years, one of the challenges they have taken on is the demystification of cancer. We tackled this challenge both in the visual and verbal systems.

The tone of voice is direct, simple and puts “cancer” at the centre of all conversations. It is focused on action-oriented language which is emotional, optimistic but also professional and versatile.

The typography, Raleway, has been chosen for its accessibility in order to get across the important message in a clear and effective way.

The colour palette is bright, energetic and optimistic. It has a contemporary feel and is adapted to work across more digital and modern environments.

The photographic style follows the same idea, seeking to represent cancer naturally, without poses or forced attitudes. The style is honest and real.

Both the visual and verbal identity have been designed to adapt to all formats, scales and media in order that the organisation can connect with communities via existing and future touchpoints.

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A long term journey

At Saffron we believe that every brand needs a bespoke and unique solution. Taking into account Contra el Cáncer’s specific needs, a transitional process has been defined in which two versions of the logo will coexist: one with the full name “asociación española contra el cáncer” and the other with “Contra el Cáncer”. The aim is to evolve the brand in a sustainable way, taking all stakeholders on the journey as the new brand is implemented.

Moreover, to equip the organisation for their future expansion, we created a solid and flexible brand architecture to support their growth. The eco-system allows for both functional and geographical sub-brands in order that specific offices, teams or functions can connect with their audience in a personal way. A real people-first organisation.

In Saffron, we found the right team to address our challenge. Their in-depth analysis of the context, their extraordinary strategic vision, creativity and their full commitment to the project allowed us to achieve our objective.

Isabel Martínez Noriega

Director of Marketing and Communication