An inclusive future for Hollywood and beyond


Making Space is a learning experience platform democratising accessible education and creating positive progress towards Disability inclusion. Recognising the limited opportunities and underrepresentation faced by the Disabled community, the platform aims to invest in the future of their work in media, entertainment, and advertising.

As a founder-led start-up, Making Space partnered with Saffron to bring their inspiring mission to life: to help Disabled talent break into the Entertainment industry while reshaping the future of Hollywood and beyond.

Building a brand

As we started building the Making Space brand, Saffron explored how to disrupt the Entertainment industry and produce a brand that would stand out and be noticed wherever it appeared.

By playfully bringing artefacts and cues from the Entertainment industry to life, the Making Space brand is anchored in relevance, while differentiating itself with a vibrant, energetic look. The foundation of this creative approach is the tape mark, an insider cue from the film industry that brings the whole brand experience together and inspires Disabled people to make their mark.

Empowering change together

Making Space unites Disabled talent, industry experts, and leading companies to transform the Entertainment sector. By offering resources and support, the platform that Saffron and Making Space imagined together helps bridge the gap between Disabled and non-Disabled individuals, fostering an equitable environment and career progression.

Design and visual Identity

Across typography, photography, and illustration, Making Space's visual identity is crafted to resonate with both beginners and experts. The brand showcases passionate educators and talent in their genuine environments – studios and workspaces. Visual principles centre on individuality, energy, and accessibility, ensuring inclusivity.

Bold colour, light, and proximity amplify the energy, individual expression, and behind-the-scenes insights of the Making Space community. Elements like blank canvases, geometric shapes, elemental materials, and translucency blend metaphorically as they represent untapped talent and possibilities.

Community-driven impact

Making Space is more than an educational platform; it's a global community of change-makers. For Saffron, it was essential to develop an inviting and inspiring brand supported by a platform that welcomes connection and celebrates collective impact. With this, Disabled talent can engage comfortably, finding support aligned with their needs. The Making Space platform is there for Disabled talent for whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Representation and empowerment

Accessibility and empowerment are at the core, fostering dialogue, inspiring impactful stories and making space for diverse voices. The experience we imagined delivers to the highest standards of accessibility, so Disabled talent have absolutely no barriers to engagement even after they’re inspired to join.

Breaking down barriers

As it stands, there’s a lack of accessible and relatable education for Disabled talent across sectors and around the globe. With an estimated 1 billion people living with disabilities worldwide - what the World Health Organization has called ‘the world’s largest minority’ - Making Space’s efforts are geared towards creating a world where Disabled talent can experience an inclusive and accessible education, leading to unparalleled opportunities. 

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