Illuminating the undiscovered


LTI, a global technology consulting company, engaged Saffron to create a completely new brand for their data and analytics products. LTI’s legacy as a services-based organisation meant they needed a fresh brand that could signal a new and exciting products business arm. Fosfor houses five products designed to cover the end-to-end journey of data and analytics, uncovering data-driven insights that promise to empower unlimited enterprises.

The challenge

An organic process of acquiring and developing individual products left LTI with an unstructured offering. Individually, each of their products operates in a different category targeting different audiences, but as a complete suite covering the data to decisions lifecycle, they collectively had the potential to transform the market. Our challenge was to articulate a unifying proposition for this data lifecycle, that simultaneously respected the individual nuances of each product.

The solution

Today, data-driven insights are core to every business decision, and the quicker you can derive these insights the better. Fosfor’s products take this one step further, leveraging an end-to-end view to proactively unlock hidden insights, undiscovered value and opportunities to monetise.

In the feature-heavy world of data and analytics, Fosfor’s value lies in the meaningful outcome it generates as a suite, empowering businesses to become truly unlimited using data.

Illuminating the undiscovered

Serving as a metaphor for how the product suite uncovers knowledge and insight, the central brand idea is ‘illuminating the undiscovered’. This concept informs the entire creative articulation of the brand, from the name to the visual language and UI/UX behaviour. The dark mode allows this concept of illumination to come to life, emphasising the clarifying and enlightening qualities of the products.

Our approach shows how brand can work to create a unified family of identities. In Fosfor’s case, this has allowed us to communicate something greater than the sum of its parts, whilst respecting the individualities of each product.