Helping the world discover the potential of Turkey


Saffron worked with the Turkish Exporters Assembly on a brand for Turkey aimed at fostering business, investment and exports. The central focus of our work together was ascertaining the meaning of “Made In Turkey” in a global context. How is it different or better than “Made In China” or “Made In Germany”? What competitive advantage can Turkey claim for itself as it competes with these nations?

A focus on adaptability

Saffron’s work for Turkey puts a big focus on the ability of Turkish businesses to adapt to rapid change and provide customers with great levels of attention. The brand idea “Masters of Change” speaks of the many changes that Turkey has seen throughout history, underlining the resulting ability of the Turkish people to accommodate foreign cultures and the need for flexibility in their products and services.

The visual solution is an expression of the many industries in which this brand idea is brought to life. The slogan we developed – “Discover the potential” – is the customer-facing translation of the brand idea. It invites potential investors to engage with Turkey and see for themselves what a difference doing so can make to their business.

Increasing coherence and cohesion

As a unifying element, the new brand helps the various groups inside the Turkish Exporters Assembly behave and communicate in a more cohesive way inside and outside of Turkey. A more coherent idea of the significance of “Made In Turkey” is thereby emerging. The new brand, along with the visual identity, was launched by president Erdogan on 28 September 2014 to local and international press. In the following months, the Turkish Exporters Assembly completed a full roll-out of the brand across its various bodies and international locations.