The next chapter of social connection


Our ongoing partnership began with building the Facebook company and Meta brands, and continues with bringing Meta’s brand ecosystem to life.

Saffron collaborated with Creative X, Meta’s internal creative agency, to design the Meta Brand System. This work supports the company’s new strategic focus on building the future of social by ‘giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.’

A symbol built for dimension

Creative X conceptualised a continuously looped form that could work seamlessly between 2D and 3D contexts. It is designed to be experienced from different perspectives and leverage motion and 3D wherever possible. Saffron worked alongside Creative X and partnered with FIELD and Dalton Maag in the design development of the symbol including its 2D, 3D, motion behaviour and wordmark typography.


The Meta Brand System uses a bespoke typeface, Optimistic. The humanistic, sans-serif font was designed to visually express the company’s positive and confident spirit. The typeface is at the core of an adaptive set of application techniques which utilises scale and dimension in tandem with a flexible layout system to enable multiple levels of expression.

Optimistic has been extended into a 3D version which allows messaging to be integrated into environments.

Art direction

Photography and film are used as tools to convey the emotions that people experience and opportunities they encounter when using Meta technologies. Authentic experiences are demonstrated through immersive and inspiring techniques. Colour, dimension, perspective, texture, light and movement are used to elevate the sense of being present and in the moment with others.


Saffron continues to partner with Meta alongside other creative partners in the rollout and creation of the Meta Brand System.

Creative X – Brand development
Dalton Maag – Typography
FIELD – 3D development
FutureDeluxe – 3D compositing and animation
Bob Jeusette – Photography
Frenzy – Production