Access more together


Salto is a global leader in access control solutions, setting standards for designing, managing and securing access to virtually any door and building type.

Salto’s rapid growth is visible through a partner network that extends across 40 countries around the world serving 5 million access points. Its success led to acquisitions and an expanded product portfolio but left the group needing a unified approach to combine and coordinate its product brands. 

The company’s leadership saw an opportunity to define a corporate vision for the next era of smart access brought to life by brand: one culture, one goal and one group.


To unite Salto’s organisation and help customers navigate their portfolio of products, we started with a new brand strategy and a new brand architecture.  

The new group brand shifts Salto’s focus towards a solutions-first mindset, prioritising people as it facilitates communication, streamlines operations and strengthens go-to-market strategies for each of the individual business units.

Shared values, shared Wecosystem

To build the group architecture and brand, we developed three main pillars:

  1. An overarching value proposition to address Salto’s diverse range of services, including access control systems, biometrics and ticketing solutions.

  2. A shared vision and marketing strategy to support Salto’s global presence, particularly strong in the Americas and the APAC region.

  3. A new brand positioning supporting Salto as the preferred partner in verticals including Health & Fitness, Education, Workplaces and Government.

The new Salto Wecosystem group brand brings their three main commercial brands, Gantner, Salto and Vintia, together under one umbrella. The new identity establishes an ecosystem, streamlining each brand’s expertise in pursuit of a common mission to empower smart access to places, experiences, and opportunities.


The companies within the Salto Wecosystem are united by a culture driven by passion, empathy and a pioneering attitude. We distilled this spirit in the vision: ‘Access more together.’ 

The Salto Wecosystem continuously pushes technological boundaries as they impact customers’ lives by living out a shared set of core values, or ‘Weconnectors’. Its core values, known as WeConnectors, embody its mission: proximity to people, passion for innovation, connection among stakeholders, agility in thinking, and maintaining integrity at every step.


We introduced design elements to activate the group’s new strategic decisions and present the new brand to the world. Following a monolithic structure, Gantner, Salto and Vintia share 90% of their DNA. This leaves 10% of their identities for flexible yet cohesive functional elements to signal their individual product offerings. 

Each of the three companies has a clear mission and value proposition tailored for their specific audiences and capabilities, and its own unique accent colour within the wider shared visual system to help differentiate among product touchpoints.

The Gantner, Salto and Vintia logos carry a piece of Salto Wecosystem’s group logo. When they come together, they form the ‘W’ of the Wecosystem group brand, reinforcing consistency across a dynamic design system.


We worked closely with Salto to develop an effective launch roadmap and identify key activation materials. 

The Salto Wecosystem was unveiled at a launch event at San Sebastian’s iconic Kursaal, helping redefine Salto as a regional icon and solidifying them as a technological leader delivering next-generation smart access on a global stage.