United, by nature


Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa joined forces in one of the biggest mergers in the renewables energy market. Siemens Gamesa, the new global energy giant has more than 26,000 employees, presence in more than 90 countries and €9.5B Annual Revenue.

At this crucial time of transformation they approached Saffron to help them create a unified brand to represent and connect the new company. To develop a comprehensive set of brand, marketing and communication tools to effectively communicate key messages to all stakeholders: employees, shareholders, customers and partners alike.

We worked on a design and communication system that would allow the new company to express itself as a single organisation with a unified business and management strategy.

After developing the brand key messages, we worked on a cohesive concept that was powerful enough to convey the new shared spirit in a relevant and engaging way. ‘Windfinity’ was born, a portmanteau of words that make direct reference to the energy of nature as a source of infinite, clean and sustainable power.

The concept is interpreted through different messages for internal and external audiences throughout a communication campaign that underpins the company’s vision and positioning.

The brand launch was held on April 4th 2017 across more than 100 locations worldwide where employees have started to embrace the first steps of this exciting new venture.

We also translated this strategy into a new visual identity, with new graphic codes that allow them to unify all communications under the same language, projecting a coherent image.

In order to maintain the equity both companies had built over more than 40 years, we developed a system that brought continuity by maintaining some existing visual references from both companies. The system sought a neutral language to simply let the messages and the new logo lock-up lead.

The colour palette also respects the heritage of both companies, with Siemens’ turquoise and Gamesa’s warm orange included, as well as a new purple shade to distance the new company from the competition.

An original graphic element for the new brand – a pattern of undulating particles inspired by the movement of the wind – reinforces the relationship with this essential natural phenomenon.

These patterns can be animated to change their shape and color, allowing for expressive digital environments.