Simply unfiltered


Launched in 2015, Wingo arrived like a breath of fresh air on the Swiss telecom landscape. Part of Swisscom, Wingo is a digital telecom focused on a streamlined offering of fair prices and the highest-quality performance. And customers love them, with Wingo scoring in the top 3 for high customer satisfaction in Switzerland.

However, three years in, by 2018 Wingo had outgrown its brand. Minimal brand assets and low brand recognition among the target audience called for a brand refresh.

Wingo approached Saffron to help them apply the uniqueness of their newly developed brand strategy to their visual identity and tone of voice.

Saffron and the Wingo team worked closely together, collaborating to reach a common understanding of Wingo’s new brand positioning, “Simply Unfiltered”, and what it meant in the cultural context and industry the brand lives in. This provided the foundation for how this “unfiltered” attitude could be articulated and come to life across touchpoints.

“Simply Unfiltered” tone of voice

Wingo stands out because of its uncomplicated attitude, its commitment to being transparent and direct, and for telling things straight. A key opportunity to express this was in Wingo’s tone of voice. We collaborated to approach this challenge, making sure the tone of voice principles would best reflect the brand, but could also be easily understood and followed by internal teams and external partners.

The three simple tone of voice principles reflect the ‘Simply Unfiltered’ positioning and act as guidelines to marketing teams creating brand communications.

Moving away from anglicisms and slang, the brand now communicates in a more grown-up manner, whilst at same time being more direct and impactful.

The Dos and Don’ts guidelines developed show the tone of voice principles in action making sure everyone working with the brand knows how to effectively implement this new brand resource.

The design challenge

The challenge was to translate the new brand positioning into a refreshed visual identity that clearly reflected the digital-only nature of the business. It would give the Wingo team a more extensive set of visual identity elements and a simpler design system to work with.

The colour palette was updated to leverage red as the primary Wingo colour, complemented by a secondary palette of bright, digital colours that enable impactful communications across touchpoints.

A new photographic style concept was developed to transmit real life situations that would embody the brand’s attitude. By focusing on real people, real emotions and real stories it brings to life the brand strategy by creating a spontaneous and personal point of view.

The design system

The design system embodies the directness, simplicity and flexibility of the brand. Based on a 50% layout rule, it is very efficient, easy to use and adapts to any digital or physical application.

Illustration & icons

We developed a distinct illustration style and set of icons based on the visual identity, to give the digital-first brand a more consistent and flexible design tool-kit, for both internal and external communications.

A digital brand portal

The brand and tone of voice guidelines live digitally on an online brand hub. All design elements and resources are easily accessible and downloadable, can be updated in real-time and shared easily, both internally and with external partners. A digital solution fit for a digital brand.

The results

Wingo is empowered to better connect with their customers, and drive forward their success in the Swiss market. Powered by a digital-first visual identity and a transparent, direct tone of voice which stands out, they can continue to differentiate themselves by providing a sector-leading service. Wingo is set for the future.