Succeeding in the subscription economy


An Advent International-backed global platform, Xplor integrates SaaS, payments and Commerce Accelerating Technologies to help businesses succeed within ‘everyday verticals’ from Childcare & Education to Health & Fitness.

Xplor was experiencing rocket speed growth when it approached Saffron. The challenge was to make that growth coherent, valuable and sustainable throughout the brand.


Saffron developed a brand story that unified internal culture and the product portfolio under the Xplor brand.

Xplor’s new purpose encapsulated all that the brand stood for: “to help people succeed.” Saffron created a system to reflect this new brand strategy and crafted cohesion across verticals with flexibility to adapt when required.

Everyone has been outstanding, and the quality of the brand that we have just launched is testament of that.

Javier Nieto


How we made brand work for Xplor

Defining a single brand with a unifying purpose

In order to maximise equity in the umbrella brand, complexity was reduced in the architecture through management of the relationships between the diverse acquisitions. These ranged from single-product startups to established enterprises with large product portfolios and a varied client base.

The evolution towards a single platform required an overarching story, to both unify the portfolio and leverage existing brand and cultural equity from them.

Saffron helped Xplor understand its role in the world, which was then tested and refined through quantitative research involving every ‘Xplorer’. The outcome was a clear and robust purpose; “to help people succeed” which resonates through the efficiency of their management software, customer service, financial solutions and deep knowledge of the verticals they serve.

The new positioning unified the business at all levels: strategy, identity, marketing, sales, digital and product, and EVP.

Xplor’s EVP, “Reach your full potential. Power others to reach their own,” was developed hand-in-hand with Xplor’s People & Culture team. The EVP was developed to be a key asset to attract and engage talent, especially relevant following pandemic-induced shifts in talent decision drivers.

Scalability with cohesion

A simple visual identity execution permeates across the whole product portfolio and marketing efforts whilst serving as a foundation for complex digital products. This system can then adapt as the platform grows into new verticals, products, and geographies.

A minimal graphic language of ‘planets’, born from the logo’s rocket motif could respond to messaging topics, from alignment to progression. The photographic treatment secured an ownable image style across sectors and a construct of stylisation and ligatures was applied to define brand architecture lockups.

Providing a roadmap for the integration

Saffron’s role also involved supporting the leadership team as they managed and navigated change.

A phased integration roadmap was developed to determine the requirements for each acquisition and align them to Xplor’s business needs. This approach impacted multiple business areas from product development to communications, design, sales and marketing and works to make the integration a reality.