• 4 July 2024
  • 2 min read

Celebrating 20 years of Vueling

  • 4 July 2024
  • 2 min read

A journey of innovation and success

Twenty years ago, Vueling took to the skies with a bold mission: to become Spain’s first budget airline, offering affordable yet high-quality flights across southern Europe. Founded in 2004 and based at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, Vueling has not only revolutionised the travel industry but also become a fundamental part of Saffron’s story. As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the strategy, innovation and design that have made Vueling a lasting success.

Our work to create the Vueling brand started with an ambitious brand strategy and simple ethos: low-cost does not mean low standards.

From the start, the Vueling brand embraced simplicity, straightforwardness, and a quirky, down-to-earth personality–a brand idea we affectionately called ‘Espíritu Vueling.’ This approach stood out in the market and was instrumental in changing perceptions of low-cost flying. The name ‘Vueling’ itself, a fusion of Spanish and English, embodies their international and approachable nature, and was recognised with a prestigious LAUS award.

From a 20 year perspective, working to create the Vueling brand together with Jacob and all the Saffron team was a great experience and hugely valuable to the airline. In Saffron, we found a unique partner capable of imagining the Vueling brand and committed to delivering its exceptional experience. Collaborating holistically with them in the creation of the Vueling brand put the airline on a path for accelerated success and, humbly, I would add, setting industry standards to this day.

Carlos Muñoz

Co-founder and first CEO, Vueling

Our collaboration with Vueling propelled Saffron’s early belief in brand as the promise of an experience delivered.

The Vueling promise came to life through a 360-degree experience design project that included everything from the visual identity to the digital experience and in-flight journey. Vueling’s bright yellow, a colour rarely used by competitors, helped them stand out in crowded skies and take pride in its Spanish origins. Vueling transformed the way people book flights, introducing digital ticketing in an era dominated by reservations made by landline. This pioneering digital experience positioned Vueling as a leader in the digital space and set new standards for the industry.

Following its merger with Clickair in 2009, McKinsey reported that a Vueling ticket could be sold at a 10% premium–evidence of the strength of the ‘Espíritu Vueling’. Today, Vueling is a testament to the power of a well-executed brand strategy, having been ranked among the best airlines in the world.

With its original logo still in use and flying a timeless livery, Vueling has transported over 352 million passengers and accounts for 40% of the annual traffic at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. The brand is a memorable symbol of the ingenuity and spirit that continue to drive both Vueling and Saffron forward.

Vueling is a prime example of how a memorable brand can deliver on the promise of an exceptional experience, regardless of price point. From its distinctive verbal and visual identity to its innovative digital presence, every aspect of the Vueling brand was crafted to captivate and delight customers and earn their loyalty. This project sparked Saffron’s commitment to make memorable brands that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, and disrupt industries for the better.

Jacob Benbunan

CEO and co-founder, Saffron

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